What comes to mind when we think of this word “wait“?  Some may think of delays, or inconveniences, or even of inactivity … doing nothing.  Have you ever been told, “Just have a seat in our waiting room and we will call you later”?  Oh no!  This could be a loooong time.  I feel that I am stuck here … but I really want to be there (wherever we think “there” is for us).  Sometimes with the Lord we can even feel like we have been sentenced to live stuck in life’s waiting room … cold coffee, out of date magazines and 24 hour news playing on the t.v. – but no joy, hope or passion.  We just try to occupy our time in this perceived prison of waiting.  Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe one day, … it will finally come or we will finally arrive and we will get what we need.

What if the Lord’s heart toward us with regard to waiting has nothing to do with delays, or inconveniences or even inactivity.  What if it’s not being stuck between here and there but in fact is being right where we need to be, secure in Christ.  Just what if it’s not about the anxiety of separation from who or what we think we need, but about the rest that comes from a secure connection with the one who is our everything.  What if we can wait because we in fact have truly already arrived in Christ – we are seated in heavenly places in Him.

“Those who wait on the Lord will gain new strength …”  Isaiah 40:31

The word wait means to trust; be confident in; to hope, to expect, to endure.  To wait is far from a posture of inactivity and is not a place of separation.  It is just not the place of our activity, but a place of faith.  To wait is to rest in confident trust and expectation that Jesus is all we need, that our Lord truly has all things in His hands and heart with regard to us.  In fact, God has not even ask for my help – He simply wants my participation, He wants relationship with me.  In others words He wants me to yield to His life and not try to “make my life happen” through my own efforts, ability and ingenuity.

God doesn’t have us in a waiting room separated from Himself nor brought into a place of spiritual limbo with no purpose, passion or direction.  We are in Christ!  No cold coffee or out of date magazines here … His life in us is real and relevant in all that we are and experience.

Maybe we have been pushing hard to make things happen like we think they should.  Trying to change people or situations according to what we believe is best.  Maybe we have just given up and feel there is no hope.

May we hear and trust the loving words of our Heavenly Father … “Wait on me, … you can truly have a confident trust in me – for I will not let you down, I will show you My strength.”  He is in control.  He is big enough and loving enough to hold our hearts secure.  So to truly wait on the Lord sets our heart at rest and frees us from the anxiety of trying to handle life according to our abilities.

Love in Christ,

Pastor David Hughes