There is great value in remembrance, it just depends on what we choose to remember.  We all call things up from our mental files and go through the pages of events and happenings from times past.  But there is a difference in remembering times gone by and trying to relive times gone by.  We can’t live in the past (or the future for that matter), we can only live in this present moment in Christ.  Yet in living this moment in Christ we carry with us the victories and celebrations of all the Lord has done along the way.

The greatest victory we celebrate is the redemptive work of Christ – His death, burial and resurrection is what gave us life to live and celebrate in every moment we live.  Every step forward into a new and fresh experience with and in Christ comes from revelation, remembrance and faith in what redemption accomplished!  Each moment, each day, each season of our life experience with Jesus is marked by so many examples of the demonstration of His love and grace and faithfulness and power!  So … may we remember… may we share.

The Lord used Joshua to lead the children of Israel into the promised land.  The priests had carried the ark of the covenant down into the Jordan River and the water stopped its flow and they all crossed over on dry ground.  What a miracle and display of God’s power.  We can read in Joshua the forth chapter that the Lord instructed them to take up twelve stones (one for each tribe) from the middle of the Jordan and place them as a memorial at the place they would lodge.  This was so that when their children would ask, “What’s this pile of rocks?” (paraphrase), then they would tell them of how the Lord brought them through – tell them what God had done.

“So these stones shall become a memorial to the sons of Israel forever.”  Joshua 4:7b

We all have our “stones from the Jordan” – our remembrances of God’s presence, power, mercy and grace all during our journey.  So often the difficult times we wish we didn’t have to go through in the moment, as we look back become the greatest testimonies of Jesus’ love and faithfulness to us.  What may have looked impossible, was just an opportunity for Jesus to show off who He is and how much He loves us.  Again, it’s not an attempt to relive the past, but to remember and to pass on to future generations the testimony of God’s goodness.

We need to give time, attention and place to allowing each of us to share our “stones from the Jordan” – to brag on Jesus and who He is and what He has done and is doing in our journey together.  Our times together in fellowship and worship, whether it be with a group on a Sunday morning or with one person over a cup of coffee on Tuesday afternoon are a great opportunity to encourage each other in Jesus and celebrate each others testimonies of grace.  It truly is the living out of HIStory in the narrative of our lives in Christ.

Lord, help us to see the great value in celebrating and sharing our stones from the Jordan for the encouragement of each other and for the generations to come.  Remember! … and Share! … we all need the encouragement He brings through you!

Love in Jesus,