Last month we began to look at this thought about doors and the kingdom of God.  Jesus is the open door for all who will enter into life “in Christ” – a marvelous invitation!  Romans 5:2 says that through Jesus we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we stand.  Jesus is a door of grace that takes us into a life of grace – the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to make known to us what it means to be in Christ and to make known through us what it means to have Christ in us the hope of glory.

Jesus is the door for us to get into the kingdom of heaven and he wants us, by the Holy Spirit, to be a door for the kingdom of heaven to be expressed in the earth.  In other words the more we realize what it means to come into life in Christ, the more we will allow the release of the life of Christ through us.

So what does it mean to be a door for the kingdom of God?  Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 16:19 that He would give them the keys of the kingdom.  We didn’t need keys to get in, Jesus Himself unlocked the way and became our open door through the cross for all those who believe.  But we are given keys that will open and release the reality of who He is in us and through us.

In this passage in Matthew after telling them He would give them keys of the kingdom He began to talk to them about His death and resurrection.  The message of the cross – the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus – is the key that opens up the life of Christ in us to be experienced and expressed.  The cross is the end of our old life bound by sin and the resurrection is the beginning of new life in Christ in righteousness as a new creation.  Our faith and trust is in Jesus and what He has already accomplished and done through redemption.  To be a door of the kingdom is to let Jesus show up and show off who He is where ever we are.

But we can never be an entrance if we are constantly looking for an exit.  My wife and I went to a movie a few weeks back and just before it started a notice came across the screen that instructed us to locate the closest exit near you so that in case of emergency you can get out.  Good advice in a theater, but terrible advice for life in Christ.

Too often we as children of God are looking for a way out – an escape.  We pray Lord get me out of this circumstance, out of this situation, out of this relationship, out of this job … out of this world!  It’s like the old song that says, “Stop the world, I want to get off!”  We don’t like this ride!

So while sometimes we may live with a victim mentality looking for the closest exit, the Spirit of the Lord is gently showing and revealing that we need to realize we are in fact the closest entrance for the reality of the life and love of Christ to manifest.  He wants to show up through us – right where we are!  Psalm 24:7 …

“Life up your heads, O you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in”  [NIV]

May our heads (our perspective) be continually lifted up in Christ that we will trust and yield to being an open door for the Spirit to show off Jesus.  May the body of Christ be a gate that swings wide to show the love and compassion of Christ to all!  Jesus said that we are to be salt and light in this world (Matthew 5:13-16).  Sometimes we may start feeling we are in a dark and lonely place, … remember, all the darkness we can imagine is still displaced by a single flame! It’s no match for the light and love of Christ within us!  May we open up and let Him shine – Jesus truly is the spice of life!

Lord, help us not try to run for an exit, but stand still and firm in the grip of grace and see the power of Your love and Spirit show up through us, your children, right where we are – may we be Your open door!

Love in Jesus,