In over our heads . . . desperate . . . helpless . . . out of control . . . ready to quit – what happens when the child of God feels overwhelmed by these emotions?  When people or situations around us seem to be calling all the shots and we don’t like it.  Sometimes we have been taught that we should mature until we are some sort of super-christian, a “religious Rambo” so strong we can handle it all alone no matter the opposition.  We just flex our muscles and show off our strength because nothing shakes us (insert caveman grunt here).

Well, I’m not sure about you but that doesn’t really describe me.  In fact, the word of God doesn’t tell us we have to go it alone and develop our own strength – it tells us it’s okay to be weak.  Whoa!  Come on!  That runs cross grain with so much of our culture, even in the church.  We have got to have it all under control, always have all the answers and have the self-confidence to bring about the right outcome.  Self-confidence?  Isn’t that what gets us into so many problems to start with? . . .  just ask Adam.

I remember one night many years ago, my wife and children had all gone to bed and I was headed to bed myself.  I was wrestling with a situation that just seemed so big.  All the lights were off except for a few night lights and I stopped and sat down on the couch as a wave of emotion seemed to overwhelm me.  I remember telling the Lord that I just felt like I was in over my head.  I guess I was hoping to hear that still small voice tell me, “No son, you’re not in over your head, you’ve got this, you can handle it.”  Instead I heard this thought from the Lord, “Son, you just don’t realize how in over your head you really are – but you are not in over my head.  So whose head do you want to trust?”

Such a calming peace came, not because I figured it all out and mustered up the strength to handle it on my own, but because I realized I didn’t have to.  It’s not about my strength, it is and always has been about the Lord’s strength.  I am seated in heavenly places in Christ, totally secure.  I needed to trust that and see it through the mind of Christ.  In that moment I was feeling I needed to fix it myself, to figure it out, but I just didn’t have the ability – the flesh is weak and unable to accomplish only what the Spirit can do.  In 2 Corinthians 12:9 the Lord told Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for strength is made complete in weakness.”  Grace brings strength!  So I don’t need to manufacture my own.  It’s not that we are left weak, it’s just simply that the strength is not from us – it’s a gift!  Praise God, nothing is over His head!

We will look further into this next month . . .

Love in Jesus

Pastor David Hughes