Study Resources

Included here is a list of resources which we feel will enhance your studies of God’s Word. All resources are free, and are available either online, or for download, at no cost.

Link to Blue Letter Bible

The Bible in all major translations, along with Blue Letter research using the Strong’s Concordance. Multiple commentaries, a daily bible reading program, and devotionals by some of the great preachers of the 19th and 20th centuries are available in one spot. A mobile phone friendly version is available at .

Available for Window’s PCs, E-Sword is one of the original ¬†Bibles on the PC platform. It was one of the first free editions of the Bible on PC. Newer translations not in the public domain (such as “The Message”) are available at an additional cost.

Link to the Sword ProjectIf you have a Mac, or run a version of Linux, then The Sword Project is your choice for Bible Software. There are multiple bible programs available through the Sword Project. Once again, any translations not available in the public domain, cost additional $’s.

link to youversion.comThis site has different versions of the bible for you to read. The best part about this site? After registering for free, you can have access to an online journal and even contribute your own verse by verse commentary! There are quite a few bible reading plans to choose from and the site will keep up with your progress.